Rock N Roll Sushi is the original American-style sushi experience founded on great food and rock 'n' roll. Since offering franchises in 2015, we've expanded to over 50+ LOCATIONS across the Southeastern U.S. and beyond.

Open a franchise of your own and join us in delivering an amplified dining experience that fans will replay again and again.

Process & Perks

Because we’ve successfully launched Rock N Roll Sushi restaurants in some of the most competitive food and service industry markets in the country, we know firsthand what works (and what doesn’t), and you benefit from our experience.


  • Location Analysis
  • Training
  • Ongoing Research & Development
  • Exclusive Pricing & Volume Discounts
  • Operations Support
  • Cost Control Procedures & Technology
  • Business Counseling


We help you set the stage by creating a space your customers will love. Our interior design and architectural partners specialize in franchise environments and can offer new-construction blueprints, spatial plans, or retrofitting for an existing space.



We offer a range of approved logos and graphics for branded merchandise: t-shirts and hats, stickers, signs and banners, to-go cups, and much more. We also take the guesswork out of ordering by helping you stock the right items in the right quantities.



We deliver an amplified sushi experience for all. Meals at Rock N Roll Sushi are multi-sensory events to remember, with culinary concepts and flavors that are louder, bolder, and bigger than the competition’s. Our menu items are deliciously twisted and made fresh for everyone. And, like rock ‘n’ roll, they bring people together.

Catering & Delivery

Our catering arm generates positive word-of-mouth business with each successful event, and in most cities we’ve partnered with third-party delivery services. That means there are three great ways for loyal fans to enjoy Rock N Roll Sushi.

Four Reasons

to invest in a rock n roll sushi franchise

First Reason

$1,001,427 AvG Sales for ALL Locations Open IN 2020

Second Reason

Rock Star Concept with 50+ Locations in the Southeast

Third Reason

Low Start-Up, Overhead and Food Costs

Fourth Reason

Top-Notch Build-Out, Training and Marketing Support


Owner Spotlight
Eric Robison, Franchisee Owner

What’s the most rewarding part of being a franchisee?

Delivering a sensational experience and growing a brand that is able to serve and employ people is immensely rewarding. The benefit of the franchise model is you do not have to reinvent the wheel. Systems and processes that are working across the brand can be implemented and duplicated, versus needing to create everything.

How did you decide to invest in Rock N Roll Sushi?

We have worked with multiple franchisors. RnR is by far our best partner. They provide the systems and tools to be successful while still being open to better ways for the brand to perform. They create better ways, as well as utilizing the franchisees to improve the brand.

What was the first thing that drew you to the brand?

One of our friends who was in the same wireless business as us told us how epic the brand is. Immediately the excitement of the brand could be felt. In addition, when reviewing the financials, we saw a significant ROI versus our other brands.

What, in your opinion, makes Rock N Roll Sushi stand out in the market?

The fun and energy of the brand is palpable. By creating American-style sushi, RnR has created a market that differentiates itself from other sushi restaurants.

What’s your favorite menu item?

Punk Rock Roll, as I have never seen anything like it at other restaurants, as well as the Hall of Fame Roll, because the guests love it.

How would you describe the support you receive from your franchisor?

Support to ensure success is vital in a healthy partnership. In addition to showing us what works and does not, their willingness to try new things allows the brand an organic presence that is ever-evolving.

Where do you see Rock N Roll Sushi going in the future? How will this benefit you?

Growth, growth, and more growth. We are partners with another brand with 400 locations, and they are contracting. That is not an exiting place to be. To see 100 in the near future, with no limit to the reach we can have in delivering a sensational experience, has made us want to invest our resources into RnR.

How do you encourage your team to be their best?

We show them what success looks like and then live our core value of being the best you can be—continual improvement by everyone in everything you do.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about becoming a Rock N Roll Sushi franchisee?

Jump on the train. The RnR brand has unlimited ambition to grow and the resources with concept and partners to grow.

What Rock ‘N’ Roll song best describes your relationship to your work?

“Don’t Stop Believin’.” If running restaurants was easy, everyone would do it. This industry has many peaks and valleys. The mindset of waking up every day and striving to be better drives our stakeholders to improve and persevere.

Nation's Restaurant News
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Rock N’ Roll Sushi rocks on thanks to dedicated franchisees

The casual-dining chain, with a new owner and CEO saw both unit and sales growth in 2020


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