November 14, 2016

If You Dine Out In Huntsville Only Once This Week, Order This!


Is the crab in here supposed to signify Ringo? If you’re a Beatles fan, it’s easy to over-analyze proteins in a restaurant menu item named after the legendary band.

Such is the case with Rock N Roll Sushi’s Beatles Roll ($12.95).

In addition to Ringo, – ahem, crab – The Beatles Roll features shrimp tempura, cucumber, cream cheese and rice, and topped with eel, smoked salmon and avocado. It all makes for a compelling mix of lean and indulgent textures. An ample drizzling of eel- and sweet-chili sauces imparts bright and dusky notes, while also visually evoking that psychedelic “Rubber Soul” album-cover font.

The eight-piece Beatles Roll doubles the actual Fab Four in number, if not cultural impact.