March 1, 2024

Rock N’ Roll Sushi is EXACTLY what the name declares


By: Rebecca LaClair
Published: February, 29, 2024

A good sushi roll has unique and distinct parts that are separated visually and physically. Through the magic of chewing, all of these separate flavors, colors, and textures come together in a human mouth to create something spectacular. Very much like a simple sushi roll, Rock N’ Roll Sushi (3069 William Street in Cape Girardeau) has two components to its name: Rock N’ Roll and sushi. This has to be the most explanatory and honest name in the history of restaurants, because Rock N’ Roll Sushi goes hard on both components.

Like a fool, I tried to go to Rock N’ Roll Sushi on opening day. A 30-minute wait time was quoted to me, which isn’t bad for an opening night, I have to say, but I was trying to make a movie and wasn’t sure if I had enough leeway this time. The next day, last Tuesday, I went back at around 3 p.m., my normal time to eat lunch/supper, a.k.a. lupper. This time, there was no wait time, and only about three tables were full. Perfect!

My server was the most delightful, bubbly, talkative lady I could have asked for. I sat at the bar, and she filled me in on the stuff on the menu that only the insiders knew. Like the fact that you can get any sushi roll baked, even if it wasn’t normally baked. My mind was blown. What in the heck was a baked sushi roll? I asked, with what I’m sure was a lost, confused stare. So, true to form, it was exactly what it said: a sushi roll that’s been made like normal, tucked into a foil packet, and baked for a hot minute. What this accomplished was warming the sushi roll throughout. I’m not going to lie; it sounded a little gross to me. Most sushi rolls have hot and cold components, raw vegetables that crunch or raw tuna that is chilled. But I am never one to turn down a weird food, and this sounded weird to me, so a baked sushi roll was in the cards for me….

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